You’re a man among men, Sully.

Sully Baseball e-mailed this link to his write-up of the “Milwaukee Brewers — All Time Home Grown Team vs. All Time Acquired Team.” It’s an incredible piece, even more so when you consider the site is doing these for every Major League team.

I agree with Sully: he asks how anyone could not root for the homegrown team with Paul Molitor and Robin Yount (I would include Ryan Braun in that sentiment). He asked for my input, but his reasoning is pretty solid on all counts. In a few years, I hope Gallardo is on the all-time homegrown roster. Thanks and congrats, Sully.

Sully said he met Darryl Hamilton a few times while making television appearances, and he was a nice guy. That took me down memory lane.


I know I’m getting deep into “US Weekly” territory here, but does anybody remember when Darryl up and married Shaun Robinson? At the time, he was just about the only offense pop for the Brewers and she was just about the only local television reporter with the talent to make it to the networks, à la Veronica Corningstone.

shaun robinsonIn my memory, they were Milwaukee’s first power couple — and not like Eric Benét and Halle Berry, those two are crazy. Of course, they almost immediately left town, and later got divorced. But for a few short months, I believed people could be famous and successful and happy and in love, and still live in my hometown.

So google says Robinson is on “Access Hollywood” now — who knew? And there was a Page Six item from two years ago came up saying that “JACKSONVILLE Jaguars quarterback Byron Leftwich, 27, flirting with “Access Hollywood” correspondent Shaun Robinson, 40, at the Pama-sponsored party at the Kentucky Derby.” Sounds sort of wonderful. And she’s been hanging out on red carpets and such, and she’s still… pretty much a fox.



One response to “You’re a man among men, Sully.

  1. I knew it wouldn’t last when it happened Shaun Robinson reminds me of Robin Givens (GOLD DIGGER) she’s forty eight unmarried and childless most male athlete’s and celebs saw what Robin did to Mike Tyson and noticed the similarities between the two and avoided Shaun like the plague.

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