Buy the ticket, take the ride 2.0

The Brewers beat the Cubs in spring training play yesterday, and I got my season tickets in the mail. It’s pretty clear the team is banking on the appeal of one Ryan Braun — specifically, the moment after he hit the home run in the final game of the season to give the Brewers the lead and ultimately, the team’s first appearance in the playoffs in 26 years.

Braun was featured on the cover of the envelop my tickets came in… and the pocket season schedule… and the season seat holder handbook.

img008img009 img006

Braun was also featured on the cover of the complimentary copy of “First in a Lifetime,” “the commemorative highlight DVD of your 2008 Wild Card Champion Milwaukee Brewers.” That title is appropriate because it was the first in my lifetime, and hopefully not the only.


I’m excited to sit down and watch this with my bro Nic, because the disc also features the full 150-minute game broadcast of the final regular season game on Sept. 28, which we attended.

The team also sent me passes to the Metavante Club for half of the 20 games for which I purchased tickets. So long, T.G.I. Friday’s Front Row Grill.

“We hope you enjoy the exclusivity (-ed.) of the Metavante Club this season,” read the letter from the director of season ticket sales. “Reservations are recommended for dinner, lunch, and brunch.”

It’s official. Miller Park is my country club.


One response to “Buy the ticket, take the ride 2.0

  1. Did you know they’re making a bobblehead of the Braun moment too? haha, it’s everywhere!

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