Flip Flop Rock

So you guys have to check out Flip Flop Fly Ball, a subsidiary of Flip Flop Flyin’, an amazing tangle of tantalizing tidbits by Craig Robinson. No, not the warehouse guy from The Office, or Michelle Obama’s brother — this guy is an artist and illustrator. Actually, among his myriad of interesting sites, there is a site that explains the differences between several well-known Craig Robinsons, www.craigrobinson.com.


Flip Flop Fly Ball is his site about baseball, and he has made a bunch of very pretty charts and illustrations. I mean, this is really something. Perhaps the most relevant chart to the Brewers is the one which shows all Major League stadiums directional orientation. Perhaps this can explain the dreaded shadows that have been allegedly ruining day games for the Crew all season.



Robinson also does these pixelated miniature portraits of people in pop culture and sports. Like, here are some baseball players. He uses this pixelization-illustration to make the masthead for Flip Flop Fly Ball, which is particularly awesome. 


In the outfield bleachers he has what appears to be the Schaefer Beer scoreboard sign and clock from Ebbets Field, the team flags from Wrigley Field, the Home Run Apple from Shea Stadium/Citi Field, and the snorting bull from the Durham Bulls stadium.  


Starting in the field, he’s got a Seattle-era Randy Johnson pitching, with an infield of what appears to be George Brett at third, Robin Yount at short, Jackie Robinson at second, and (my best guess) Orlando Cepeda, at first. The outfield features Babe Ruth in right, Willie Mays in center and Ted Williams (or Carl Yastrzemski) in left field. 


Behind the pixel stadium is a cornfield, and on the left field side, members of the 1919 Chicago White Sox are walking out of the corn, à la Field of Dreams. And there, on the right field side, coming out of the corn — fulfilling the same themes of dreams and unexplained magic so prominent in that film, designated by one artist to belong with eight Hall of Fame players and cherished stadium decorations — there they are.




¡Viva los Salchichas!  ¡Vamanos!




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