Kapler tries to break up another no-no

My girlfriend and I were sitting by the pool when she got a text message that a White Sox pitcher was closing in on a perfect game and Gabe Kapler — her favorite, based on his stint with the Brewers, or his biceps, or blue eyes — was up to bat.

He’s going to break up the perfect game by hitting a home run,” I said.

After all, I saw Gabe Kapler do just that last year, in a game at Miller Park. It was the only hit Chris Young, of the San Diego Padres, had allowed to that point (later, Young would give up a double to Mat Gamel, his first career hit, for the two-hit complete game win).

Kapler took a swing and it looked like he did just that — he turned on the ball and pulled it to left-center, his “sweet spot” as the gf would say. But then DeWayne Wise went up and got the pitch, bobbling and shooting his arm up in the air to show the umpire he had caught it before he even finished his backward sommersault on the landing. (watch it here)

As the announcers put it, the best catch, given the circumstances, any of us has ever seen.


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