Prince in the Bigs 2

I’ve been consoling myself during this recent slide by watching all the Prince Fielder promotional material on the YouTubes for 2K Sports “The Bigs 2.” The commercial airing in heavy rotation is pretty slick, showing Prince destroying an anonymous Cubs catcher at the plate. 

This video shows Prince on the set with the commercial’s director, Peter Berg. You definitely got the idea Prince was like, “Hey aren’t you that guy?” That guy who directed “Very Bad Things?”  The movie that makes “The Hangover” look like “Mary Poppins?” The best part is when he describes Prince as being a really sweet guy who kept smiling during the blue screen work. He was told to imagine somebody he didn’t like that much and hold that image in his mind… Cecil? Manny Para?

The video game maker then ranks it’s top animation from the game as Prince hitting a grand slam at Miller Park at dusk. 

There are all sorts of mini-games, in which Prince and other All-Stars destroy stadiums, landmarks and cities with rocket homers, like a Michael Bay-Jerry Bruckheimer collaboration. 


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