Bienvenido, Claudio

The Brewers pulled off their big trade to help get them back into the race for the division title, and it’s… Claudio Vargas for Vinny Rotino.

We were sorry to see Claudio leave last year after spending 2007 with the Brewers. That team just missed beating Chicago out for the division, but it’s hard to place the blame on Vargas. His final record on the year was 11-6. But get this, his ERA was 5.09.

For some reason the Brewers were always able to rally behind this guy and score runs for some of those dramatic come-from-behind into blowout affairs that are so enjoyable on these late summer nights.

So we say, “Bienvenido, Claudio, bienvenido.” Onto our hopes for the postseason:

On this date last year, the Brewers had just been swept by the Cubs through for games in Milwaukee and were five games back in the division. As of right now, they sit only four games back of the Cubs for the division (granted, this year they’re running five games behind the Wild Card leader, when they were co-leaders at this point with St. Louis). Last year on this date, the L.A. Dodgers, who rolled into the playoffs and swept the Cubs, were 5.5 games behind for the Wild Card.

The Brewers have also played seven games less than they had on this date last year. In short, these haters need to buckle up and hang on for the roller coaster, or they can stay off the bandwagon and hang out in the kiddie playground areas.


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