The Done Club



This is something that has been infuriating true Brew Crew fans since the second week of the season. People announcing “I’m done” with the Brewers.


These cowards were running for cover after the first week of the season, when it was clear it would not be all candy corn and cream puffs. Many whined the new manager chose a pitcher they did not like to start the first game of the 162-game season.  


They were shocked the Brewers could only muster 2-of-3 in the first series against the Giants — based almost entirely on the idea San Francisco had not been a good team in several years. Disregard the fact they now have the best pitching staff in baseball. 


They were uneasy after the team lost another series against the dread Cubs following a thrilling Opening Day win. Reed Johnson robbed Prince Fielder of a grand slam in the rubber match — as many of the most memorable moments of 2009, a poor result for the True Blue Brew Crew. 


It was then a local sports radio station created “The Done Club” to give a name to the dissatisfied unfaithful. 


The first post on the page was submitted on April 21, when the Brewers were 4-9 and had just lost an embarrassing game to the Phillies in which Manny Parra was lit up and after a rain delay, the final score read Philly 11, Milwaukee 4. 

The Crew then won 21 of their next 26 games, and reached their largest lead in first place in the division. 


Still, at every sign of discouragement, another chicken heart proclaims the Brewers are “done.” As the Brewers were losing to the Dodgers on July 10 at Miller Park, two Brewers fans were discussing which team was the favorite to win the division. 

“The Cardinals are good, man.”

“No way, I think it’s the Cubs.”


“Yeah. The Cubs are far and away the best team in the division.” 

When the Cardinals were banged up, everyone said “Once they’re healthy, they’ll be back.” When the Cubs were banged up, everyone said the same. And they were right — but how are Brewers fans not giving their own team the same credit? 


If, at the beginning of the season, you were told the Brewers would lose Weeks for the season, Bush for much of it, Parra, Suppan, McClung and Hart for stretches, and that neither Hart, Hardy nor Hall would play like an All-Star for even one week — what would you guess their record would be? Where would they be in the standings. DFL. 


It’s assine. They’re two games under .500, 6.5 back of the division and the Wild Card. The 2007 Brewers were one game under .500 on August 30, and they were challenging for the division until the third to last game. They have a tough September, but it’s against the other playoff contending teams, against which the Crew has faired OK. They’re 4-6 against the Cubs, 5-4 against the Cardinals, 2-1 against the Phillies, 3-3 against the Dodgers. 


It’s arrogant. It’s as if the members of this Done Club think that the team’s management will take notice of their desertion and change their management style accordingly. Some poltroon from Pewaukee thinks we stink? Oh no! A white-livered weakling wimp from Wauwatosa thinks we need to trade for an ace pitcher? Well, let’s mortgage the farm, Bessie! This malingerer in Milwaukee things our playoff chances are “done?” Better just forfeit our remaining games. 


It’s not as arrogant as this, though. I have a selfish reason for not giving up on the Brewers, as best described here by Drew Magary:  

There’s a very special feeling you get when you make the correct decision about something when everyone else has gone the other way. This is particularly prevalent in sports. If you bet on one team no one is picking, and they win, you get that smug, Simmonsesque sense of self-satisfaction, the kind that makes you feel entitled to be a real asshole for at least three days.

And, with god as my witness, I am that asshole!


Let’s set aside for a moment the issue of whether the Brewers still have a prayer of reaching the playoffs — and as they fired pitching coach Bill Castro, demoted J.J. Hardy and released Bill Hall after another embarrassing loss, it’s looking pretty grim, to say nothing of the way the Cardinals have been playing lately. 


What are you “done” with? Are you done with watching the Brewers on television? Giving up on the pastoral green diamond and white noise hum of the crowd behind Bob Uecker’s or Brian Anderson’s commentary? It’s why the Europeans watch soccer ever single night. It’s relaxing entertainment — you essentially watch the grass grow while catching occasional violent outbursts of action. 


Are you “done” going to the game? You won’t be buying peanuts, or crackerjacks? Tired of spending your hard-earned money to watch a bunch of losers who have no chance of making the playoffs? 


Huh. Then you must not have been a True Brew Crew fan from 1993 to 2006, either. 


One response to “The Done Club

  1. Amen!

    I have not lost the faith my friend. I was at the game on July 27th when Willingham of the Nationals hit 2 grand slams against the Crew. I was also at the game last night, apparently witnessing first hand Bill Hall’s last hit as a Brewer. It was time to shake up the team. All is not lost. Viva Cerveceros!!!!!!!

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