Sleepwalking Brewers to host sleepover

The Brewers signed 32 of their 53 draft picks earlier this week, but announced a move that could go even further to keeping Brewers baseball alive and well for generations to come in Milwaukee.

On Sept. 12, Miller Park will host a “Field of Sweet Dreams” overnight slumber party. This is exactly the type of event that will win the hearts and minds of little baseball fans and help lure them back to buy season ticket packages in 14 or 15 years. 

It’s the first sleepover party at Miller Park, but I seem to remember Milwaukee County Stadium hosting Boy Scouts camping parties in its final year. We all dreamed of having the entire outfield — that endless sea of manicured green — as our personal playground. 

We dreamed that somehow we could purchase County Stadium to prevent it from being demolished. That way we could wake up every morning in Robin Yount’s center field (or, ah, Marquis Grissom’s). We could take girls to the Press Box, the luxury boxes, on top of the dugout. We could “round the bases” while we rounded the bases!

Miller Park’s sleepover will, of course, be more PG. They’ll show the Brewers game against the Diamondbacks in Arizona (which, who knows, could be a horror show) and then they’ll show “Rookie of the Year” (A Cubs flick? Seriously? Actually, I watched the end of it recently and it‘s not terrible. Busey? I guess the Brewers-related  films — “Mr. 3000” at PG-13 and “Major League” at R — were not mother-approved). 

There will be inflatable games on the field — bouncy castle! — and the Kids Zone will be open, there will be tours, professional photographs, Bernie, the Sausages, gift bags, a buffet dinner, midnight snack, continental breakfast and a bedtime story recorded by Brewers players. No alcohol of any kind is allowed.

It will not be cheap, and let’s remember, revenue from special events at the stadium goes to the team under the terms of its lease. Tickets for those aged 13 and older are $85 and tickets are $50 for 3-to-12-year-olds. 

The beat writers are talking about how the team is sleepwalking and zombie-like. Perhaps this is signal that Doug Melvin has told Rick Schlesinger the season is over and he should squeeze as much money from the fans on special events, because there will be no postseason. 


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