Milwaukee Hosts Gay Softball World Series

The Brewers are coming back to Milwaukee to play their only two divisional rivals with worse records than their own before starting a September schedule backloaded with playoff teams. 

Eight of the final nine series are against teams with a better record than the Crew thus far, and the way the Cardinals have played lately, the boys could finish out of first place by dozens of games. 

But the Brewers’ season isn’t the only one limping to an end, or charging to the finish, depending on your perspective. Starting Monday, Milwaukee will host the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Association Fest 2009, which includes the Gay Softball World Series. As many as 200 teams and 4,000 people are expected to visit town for the festivities, according to the event’s Web site.

Apparently, organized gay softball in Milwaukee dates to 1977, and it first hosted the Gay World Series in 1979, according to the event’s Web site. Games will be played at Wirth Park in Brookfield, Wilson Park in Milwaukee, New International Sports Park in Sturtevant, and the Doc Gonring Athletic Complex in West Bend — which is the scene of my playoff softball glory last year, getting like, seven put-outs as shortstop and going 5-for-5 against Papa John’s Pizza before getting walloped by Bender’s Sports Pub. 

The opening ceremonies of the weekend will be at the Summerfest grounds and the closing ceremonies at the Harley Davidson Museum. The players and teams who are eliminated before the final day of play and championship round will even get to go on a “Loser” Cruise (re: booze cruise). 

It looks like these competitors will feel right at home in good old Brew City.



2 responses to “Milwaukee Hosts Gay Softball World Series

  1. Ricky Bobby: The room’s startin’ to spin real fast… cause of… cause of all the gayness. Cal… I love you.

  2. This an Excellent write up, I will bookmark this in my Clipmarks account. Have a good evening.

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