The Worst Day Since Yesterday

“Well, I know I miss more than hit…” 

The latest sweep at the hands of a sub-.500 team from the Brewers own division was particularly painful. On Tuesday, the Brewers skulked through the entire game and then decided to put together a rally to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth. P-House was at the game (“Uecker seats, baby!!”) It was a thrilling comeback, reminiscent of the late-inning explosives of last year. I got a text from Posh Tosh, as the top of the Brewers order put together four singles and a walk.

Um are you watching the game?! I was just about to go to sleep but its too exciting…!

They were closing the gap. In Miller Park, the Brewers faithful stood up and cheered, even when Counsell failed to score from second on Prince Fielder’s single. Prince was waving him home his entire way to first base and started fuh-reaking out when he didn’t get the RBI. But now Casey McGehee has singled in the tying run, and people in bars across Milwaukee were remembering what it feels like to walk off with a win. 

But it didn’t happen. Braun tried to score, feebly, from third on a medium depth fly ball from Cameron, and we were off to extra innings. Posh Tosh went to bed. 

I already know what’s going to happen. They’re going to come all the way back and get you so excited, but then they’re go through a couple of boring extra innings where they can’t score, and eventually a relief pitcher, who had been doing a pretty good job, can’t hold off the other team. 

Uh… yeah, that’s pretty much exactly what happened. And then, it happened again the next night, except they were sitting on a slim lead and let it trickle away. 

Yesterday, I went to the game with P-House and our Dad. We were going to buy Uecker Seats, but then a man came up to us and handed over two tickets, saying “They’re free. No catch.” We turned to get back in line to buy a third ticket so we could walk around Miller Park together, and an usher-parking lot attendant type approached us. “Need any tickets? Here take these,” he said. “It’s pretty bad when you can’t even give them away.”

When Prince Fielder walked to the plate in the first inning, he brought burgeoning superstardom. “Look at all the flashes from cameras,” P-House said. “Every time he swings.”

There was proof every time he swings could be a hallmark moment, because he crushed a home run, and he shadow boxed with Braun and the Brewers had a four-run lead. Which we knew wouldn’t hold, and it didn’t.

The Crew has the Pirates in town this weekend  — the team that swept them in Pittsburgh early next week, despite being nearly 20 games below .500 — and then September, which is so packed with playoff teams it’s hardly worth repeating. Brewers fans thought last September’s swoon was bad, but this year it could be like a firing squad.  






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