The Brewers’ unique celebration after Fielder’s walk off HR.

Ho-Ly shit. I am not exactly a baseball purist and certainly appreciate how the game has evolved, yet this move was absolutely ridiculous and reeks of poor sportsmanship. Home run celebrations have slowly gotten out of hand and this one is the topper. It’s considered tasteless, in baseball terms, to point in the dugout after a HR. His untucking of the jersey uni while running the bases made no sense and then to have a premeditated & choreographed team celebration, with a player striking a, “look at me” pose at home plate, is fuckin’ stupid.

That type of move gets you a penalty in the NFL or a fine in the NBA. Hopefully it gets Fielder drilled with a 92 MPH fastball in the ribs &, not just by the Giants next time they play. I hope Chris Carpenter of the Cards puts Fielder on his ass tomorrow.

Fielder should get drilled, and afterward, the Cardinals should do a choreographed celebration where they mime rolling dice, in honor of Cecil Fielder’s multimillion-dollar gambling losses.  Also, for a player and a teamwho get insanely angry about getting plunked, Prince Fielder doesn’t seem too concerned about provoking more beanballs.

In conclusion, Ken Macha is a horrible manager.

B-b-b-buuuuullshit. The untucking of the jersey has been going on ever since Mike Cameron came to Milwaukee from San Diego and is a tribute to his father. The untucking of the shirt signifies a days work done. The most play the untucking got in the national media was when the Cardinals were whining about it like little bitches, as they lost 10 of 15 games against the Brewers last year. 

Comparing this celebration to the NFL is “fuckin’ stupid.” That type of move does get you a penalty in the NFL, and that’s “fuckin’ stupid.” It’s why NFL stands for N.o F.un L.eague. Look, a lot of Brewers fans are Packers fans, and were subject to Randy Moss’ moon as the Vikings rolled at Lambeau in 2005. And we loved it. Should he have gotten a $10,000 fine? No. He should have gotten a gold fucking star. That was fucking hilarious, possibly the highlight of Green Bay’s season. Let footballers perform whatever touchdown celebration they want — and only throw the flag if it’s lame. Joe Horn’s cell phone and Chad née Johnson’s signs were lame, and it should cost their team 15 yards on the ensuing kickoff, and maybe a fine. But T.O.’s popcorn… that was pretty cool, especially in slo-mo. No flag. 

“Act like you’ve been there before?” Fuck that. Act like this might be the last time you’re there — because it might be. You might suffer brain damage and degenerative brain diseases for all those wicked awesome hits you took over the course of your career. Go ahead, go nuts, go ape-shit. 

Look, all this bullshit is entertainment. For my money, I expect a little choreography with my superhuman displays of athleticism. If these players were all respectful and deferent because they had to be, then guess what? It would be like I was paying to watch somebody do my fucking job. 

Baseball purist? Yeah, you’re probably right. We’re probably just “poor paste-eating slobs who don’t appreciate baseball the way [you] do because we don’t have full-body orgasms whenever a guy named Skip moves the runners over.” 

I would agree and say I’d like to see Carpenter throw at Fielder tomorrow, but given his results against the Brewers in the last few years, I don’t know if he can spare the base runners.

In conclusion, Tony La Russa is overrated and falls asleep at the wheel drunk like a worthless old man. 

P.S. I’ll tell ya another thing: their beer sucks!


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