Pastime Post

Here’s a very good post from a very good blog, Pastime Post, detailing the 1975 All-Star Game held at Milwaukee County Stadium.

Here’s a Brewers-centric excerpt:

The venue was Milwaukee’s County Stadium, which was a timely selection to host the All-Star game. The year before, Hank Aaron hit homerun number 715. This was the first of two years Aaron spent with the Brewers, to wind up his distinguished career.

… When it came time for Hank Aaron to be announced, they replayed Aaron’s 715th homerun, and the home town fans became hysterical. This was Aaron’s 24th All-Star game, which tied him with Willie Mays and Stan Musial, for playing in the most All-Star games in history: twenty-four. The extremely long standing ovation was well deserved by the classy, humble, and talented Aaron.

And here’s a little bit about firstbasemen George Scott:

When George Scott of the Brewers entered the game, the crowd responded with a loud applause. Earlier, they booed Gene Tenace because the fans thought that the Boomer should have been the starting firstbaseman. Scott was a colorful fellow. He called his black glove, “Black Beauty,” and when he was asked what his necklace was made out of, he said, “secondbasemens’ teeth.”


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