# 157

There is not much to say about this one. Yovani Gallardo was roughed up in the first game he started since signing his new $30 million contract, that’s probably gotta go up top in your game story, right?

But who cares. It was a bad game for the Brewers, with not much offense to speak of. Uecker used the phrase “not a whole lot for Brewers fans to holler about in this one” several times, and a neighbor here in Miller Parkland concurred.

“I don’t really remember cheering about anything that happened in the game, the whole time.”

Part of that was the Cardinals. Yadier Molina hit a three-run homer that changed the complexion of the game, and Jaime Garcia got Brewers hitters out, which must be encouraging for Cardinals fans given he’s pretty much the top of their pitching prospects following the late season 2009 trade for Matt Holliday.

This game is perfectly summed up by Carlos Gomez fouling a ball off his foot in the third inning. Twice. Painful.


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