From beatdown to down beat

The Brewers can”t be too pleased with themselves, after letting a record-setting 10 run first inning get as close as the 11-7 final score.

Craig Counsell hit a grand slam. Let me repeat that. Craig Counsell hit a grand slam.

With that lead, Uecker decided to get a little riffy in the second inning, cracking jokes about going to Phillip’s Seafood for all-you-can-eat fish with the bus driver, and staying up late to watch the end of the 20-inning Mets-Cardinals game.

“I asked the waitress if they carry Usinger’s Famous Sausages. She said ‘Sometimes. Hang on, let me check my purse.’”

But Doug Davis couldn’t get it done again, marking his third poor start of the year. Macha has decided to use days off like today to mix up the rotation and split up his lefties. This has the additional benefit of getting Suppan and Davis back up in front of the home crowd, for Friday and Saturday night games, for the always rowdy Cubs-Brewers series at Miller Park. They better get up for those games.


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