Dave Bush gets no respect

Dave Bush turned in the best pitching performance by Brewer by far last night. But he gets no respect. Just look at that photo — imagine him tugging at his tie like Rodney Dangerfield.

When asked in a radio interview what was motivating him, from his “man on a mission” appearance during spring training, he replied that, well, he had to win a job. He had a non-guaranteed contract and he had to earn a spot on the team.

That’s Dave Bush, who baring last years injury, has pitched up to his capabilities. He’s so underrated. Lest we forget, it was the game that he pitched that the Brewers won their first playoff game in 26 years, before being eliminated.

Bush went on to say that his goal is to get back to pitching the way he was before his 2009 injury. Which was quite well. He’s a man on a mission — he knows exactly where he wants to go.

Baseball observers talk about a team’s starting pitchers according to their rank as a shorthand. When Ken Macha used this last off day to rearrange the rotation and split his lefties, it would appear that Bush ranks fifth out of five starters, assuming Yovani Gallardo starts as No. 1 and proceed in order. But the way things have panned out over three turns through the rotation, the real ace of the staff pitched last night.


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