Get well soon, Ueck

The other day Brewers fans received news that will shape the sound of their Summer 2010. It was announced that Hall of Fame radio voice of the team Bob Uecker would undergo heart surgery on Friday.

If it were someone else, we might spout platitudes about how life is more important than the game. But the news, and the sentiments in his final broadcast before the operation on Wednesday, brought to mind none of that “Field of Dreams” bologna.

It just reminded us of our love for that man, that voice, that personality. Our summer will sound drastically different for those 10 to 12 weeks he is expected to be out of the broadcast booth. In Minnesota, J.J. Hardy said that Uecker was more of a grandfather figure to him than a coworker. Many Brewers fans, and certainly the majority of the team, weren’t even born when he started broadcasting for the team in 1971. He’s much more of a grandfather figure to us than your local disc jockey or anchorman.

Cory Provus and Davey Nelson are fine announcers, but no one can spin a yarn, or embellish last night’s dinner with the bus driver at a Phillip’s Seafood in Washington, quite like Uecker. He’s said that he’ll come back to the booth once he’s recovered and doesn’t feel like it’s time to hang it up —this report says he still swam a mile every morning right up until last week, and this famous photoshows he’s got his 75-year-old physique in matinee idol shape.

Here’s hoping Mr. Baseball a speedy recovery and a quick return.


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