Let’s backtrack to take a look at the Cubs and Pirates series.

  • Friday: L (1-8) — FAIL
  • Saturday: L (1-5) — FAIL
  • Sunday: L (2-12) — FAIL
  • Monday: W (17-3) — FAIL

Wait, what? Why is Monday a fail? Because as the SportsCenter tumblr pointed out, a lot of weird things happened Monday night, and not the least of which is the Brewers beating someone by 14 runs. The team and the fans might have been expecting it, given the three game sweep the week before in which the Brewers outscored the Bucs 36-1 in Pittsburgh. But Major League teams rarely win or lose games by 14 runs.

SportsCenter tumblr also dug out this nugget from the Brewers veteran catcher:

“We have to find a way to beat the Cubs. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that we’ve played some really good baseball against Pittsburgh, and if we want to play meaningful baseball later on in the season, we have got to continue doing what we’re doing against Pittsburgh.”

— Gregg Zaun, explaining why the Brewers have to continue to beat the crap out of Pittsburgh.

And that’s why Monday is a FAIL. It counts in the win column, but in terms of momentum, in terms of propelling the team toward the playoffs months from now, it marks a big, fat zero. Because, true to Zaun’s insight, the Brewers have not found a way to beat the Cubs — and then they forgot how to beat the holy living crap out of Pittsburgh.


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