Brewer Baby

Admittedly, Deadspin has been a big influence in my sports and Internet life during the last few years. I feel that the site is different, and therefore maybe not as important for what I’m interested in, since Leitch left.

But I regularly read Drew Magary’s Jamboroos and Funbags. In a December Funbag, a reader (third letter down) said that she and her husband were thinking about naming their baby Brewer — after the Brewers.

Magary just updated his Twitter account, saying that the couple chickened out on the Brewers-related name, and named the kid Asher instead.

Yeah, like that guy.

Speaking of which, I’m headed to Minn-Minn to celebrate P-Haus’ 21st birthday and check out Target Field. I’ll let you know how it goes.

And if you’re going to name your kid for something Brewers-related, you should go with one of these:

  • Robin
  • Prince
  • Casey
  • first name: Uecker
  • first name: Kuenn
  • Harvey
  • Bernie

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