Let’s go Crew!

The story of the denizens of Miller Parkland; the life of brats, beer, women, wine, cervezas and chorizo; basking in the sun and curveball hanging, barrel rolling and Cubs killing.

You can contact me at jgbuchel@gmail.com.


3 responses to “Let’s go Crew!

  1. Love your website bro, but I was looking for pictures of Cerveceros past. Namely, Benji and Sixto, for a t- shirt I’m designing to wear on Cerveceros night. If you can hook a Crew fan up, I’d be much obliged! Holla! Go Crew!

  2. Nice website man. I’ve been to Miller Park 4 times and have had a blast every time. Let me know if you are looking for link exchanges with other baseball fan website. Mine is TheBallparkFan.Com . It’s not officially launched but I have a lot of material on there already. It’s getting close.

  3. What up John? Love the blog man! Check me out on Wilber’s Way.

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